Content Creation

We just love to create – photo or video, it doesn’t matter – let’s just make you something cool. Everything from fast-paced race track videos,  recipe videos, or corporate explainer videos, our team of passionate creatives are ready to bring your brand to life through video and photo content. We travel worldwide to capture and create for our clients, and we would love to chat with you about how we can help!

Digital Marketing

Once we create the content, we need to put it to good use, through
a proper content and digital marketing strategy.

We’ve got you covered with a team of digital marketing specialists, who are across all things marketing, starting at website builds, and back end system implementation, all the way through to Facebook and Google ads, as well as email marketing and funnel building.

Branding and Design

Theres a reason it’s called building a brand, rather than simply just making one. Developing a brand that attracts your ideal customers, loyal fans and industry authority is tough! It’s a complex and time consuming process, often involving lots of expensive consultations with marketing agency, or lots of mistakes and wasting of your time.

At McLeod Media, we are branding specialists (branding nerds if you will), and we geek out over how to build irresistible brands that stand the test of time.


A brand is so much more than a logo.

It’s how you make people feel. It is no coincidence that the most profitable companies in the world also have the most famous brands.

In Stage 1, we gain extreme clarity on your business objectives, by looking at the why, the what, and how of your brand – also known as Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model.

We deep dive into the other 2 foundational pillars of any brand – the brand story, and the creative assets – to craft a powerful brand strategy.


No matter your niche, industry, or audience, content matters. With an ever-expanding digital landscape, it is so important to be creating high-quality and consistent content across your media platforms.


Content is the gateway to sharing your message, your value, and your insights with your audience. It is how we can position you as an authority, and to create trust and loyalty within your audience.


In Stage 2,  we implement systems to ensure you can consistently show up online on socials and build a presence filled with raving fans


It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if no one knows that it exists. Marketing, in its simplest form, is all about creating awareness. 


You now have clarity around your branding and content strategy,  so we can build upon these foundations to implement marketing strategies crafted to reach new and engaged audiences. 


In Stage 3, we look at different channels, including digital, social, and email marketing to capture attention at multiple touchpoints and funnel your audience from cold leads through to customers.


Brand Development
Competitor Research
Audience Analysis
Messaging & Strategy
Full Logo Design
Branding Guildeines


Graphic Design
Web Design


Content Marketing
Facebook Ads
Email Marketing
Market Research
Press Releases
Product Launches


Our Process.

We have a 3 stage signature service which has specifically crafted over the last 5 years to help business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers take their impact to their next level.

Whether your goal is to make more sales, gain brand awareness, or simply stand out from the crowd, our signature service offers a three-stage approach to unlock better engagement and to create raving fans.